Speed Dating in London

With its wide range of cool and chic venues, it’s no surprise that there are speed dating events happening in the capital almost every night.  Speed dating is a simple and fun concept.  You sign up, turn up at the venue, and there will usually be around 20 men and 20 women at the venue.  The women sit down at the numbered tables, while the men move around the tables speaking to each woman for 3 minutes.  A bell sounds at the end of the three minutes, you make a quick note to yourself of whether the conversation was a success or not and if you would like to see the person again, and then move on to the next person.

The atmosphere is often relaxed and there are organisers to make sure everything goes smoothly.  Speed dating is great if you want to meet alot of people in a short space of time.  And by speed dating in London, you’ll meet a selection of the capital’s many single people.

There are various speed dating events organised in London each week, the main ones are run ny the following companies;