London Dating Direct

Dating Direct is a long and well established website for those looking for a partner online.  It’s one of the most visited dating websites in the UK and we recommend it highly.  It’s free to register and get a feel for the site before embarking on the leap of faith of paying and talking to other members.

One good element to the site is Dating Direct Connect, this is where a member has paid a little more which means you can contact them for free, you don’t have to be a paying subscriber.  However, only a few people have this option, so we recommend that when you have decided to start online dating, you pay to get the most out of your time online.  It’s a good starting point though and it might be you send your first email using that method.

Dating Direct has thousands of men and women living in London and the surrounding areas and they are all sorts of ages so there is a good chance of finding the right person for you.  To sign up to Dating Direct, use the link below and start meeting people in London today.