Top Dating App for iPhone Reviewed in Detail

October 30th, 2018

A dating app is a bit similar to a doctor. You have to trust him and tell him everything. He has to help you out and keep it quiet. So does the decent dating application.

You can either have a hard time finding the service that is right for you or just scan through our reviews and make a sure good choice. Today we are looking upon Secret Desire, an anonymous free to sign up dating app for iPhone users.

Secret desire

What’s Beneficial in Using Secret Desire?

  • It’s easy-to-use and beautiful in layout. It is important, as design makes the matchmaking process more comfortable and relaxed.
  • This is a dating app for iPhone only. All updates and features are tailored to your device and all the innovation is focused on the best performance with iOS.
  • Secret Desire is anonymous. And still safe! Users pass the verification procedure upon registration and then are free to keep their real names and social network accounts for themselves.
  • The service is good for both local dating in the UK and cross-country sexting. It’s all up to the user. You can have an exciting date tonight using area-based search or transcend borders of your sexual interests and have provocative talks with people all over the word. There is a free chat room inside the dating app.
  • Secret Desire helps you let yourself go and have the time of your life. No names means no judging. You can find an interested partner no matter how wild your desires are. And in order to ensure meeting like-minded people only, you are welcome to set up a filter question for those who liked your photo.
  • The dating app offers free download and free trial. All you have to do to try Secret Desire as a partner in your quest for love and fun is go to the App Store.

What’s Free of Cost with the Dating App?

  • Downloading
  • Signing up
  • Using demo version
  • Updating

Membership cost is reasonable and affordable, paid in-app.

desire screens

What Kind of Relationships Could Start on Secret Desire?

Secret Desire is best suited for casual dating and hooking up, but in fact, it has much more to offer. Free messaging in a dating app helps you meet new sexual partners and new friends as well. Fun and quick hookup dating is easy to translate into something serious, as anonymity contributes to romance.

Is It Worth Trying?

Our verdict is ‘definitely yes!’ Secret Desire is an easy-to-use modern app featuring excellent options for dating in the UK and the best part is it keeps it all a secret.