Best Dating Apps in London

October 24th, 2018

 Strange as it may seem, Londoners in search of love and relationships encounter a problem of choice: of too much choice. Being a home for millions of singles, London is too busy to let them actually meet each other. Demanding careers and everyday rush, the fear of being rejected along with the obsessive idea of meeting someone more compatible just round the corner give us a hard time.

No wonder mobile apps have recently become a conventional way of meeting new people and turned into the main London dating scene.

Standard Ways of Meeting Singles

Our friend and ‘a friend-of-a-friend’ zones include a limited number of persons that are familiar and, well, asexual.

Finding the apple of your eye or just a fling at work seems a good idea, but you get ready to gossip and jealousy at the office and talking nothing but business on a date.

Meeting people on sport and culture events, on cooking classes and at bars demand a super active approach and definitely do not address the issue for busy Londoners and introverts.

Pros of Dating Services in London

Dating sites and apps paint a different picture and:

  • make your choice as wide as possible
  • give a chance of meeting a new person every night, if that is what you really want of dating
  • keep your love life relatively private

Beyond the above, dating apps relieve the pressure and save you a lot of time. Once you have downloaded an app, meting people and making acquaintances in London is simple and fast.

Best Dating Apps in UK Overviewed and Rated

  • Clocked


Would you like to be a part of the romantic Cinderella story? This app can help it as you get three matches per day that vanish at midnight. Be sure to contact the person you fancy! It makes dating fast, fun and a bit titillating. Basically, it features everything Londoners need for a good dating environment. In addition, the app features a list of the best London venues for dating.

Facebook account required to sign up.

Our rate for Clocked is 4,5 out of 5

  • Jingle


The app practices a mathematical approach to dating. It matches users based on questionnaire answers and compatibility percentage rates. Jingle requires Facebook account data to sign up, but offers an ‘incognito’ option to keep your dates and matches away from the possible prying eyes of friends and real life acquaintances.

Our rate for Jingle is 5 out of 5

  • Secret Desire

Secret Desire

An anonymous dating app providing options for sexting and searching for like-minded people in your area in UK. Anonymity helps open up your true personality and deepest desires and meet someone willing to join you in the journey to fulfillment of those desires. To ensure you meet really interesting and compatible people the app offers ‘filter question’ option. Set up a question and get in contact with the users giving the correct answer. It looks a bit like a party game, but makes matchmaking both fun and accurate.

Our rate for Secret Desire is 5 out of 5

  • Whatifi


A ‘morning-after’ app helping find someone you had spotted on a party or event, but never had the chance to talk to. Just let the app track your whereabouts and then check on the people visiting the same places. Getting connected with people taking the same routs feels like a good idea, but you never know if the person you fancy is on the app. So it’s mostly about local based search and the spirit of romance.

Our rate for Whatifi is 4 out of 5

  • Once


If a relaxed atmosphere is what you need, this app will likely be your favorite. Users get only one match per day. Yes, it’s just one. Not much for Londoners especially compared to mad swiping on Tinder and other apps of that kind, but just enough to get to know your possible partner better. You have 24 hours to decide whether you want to get in contact with him or not.

Our rate for Once is 4 out of 5

Safety Tips on Mobile Dating in London

Modern mobile apps provide a safe and encouraging dating experience, but there are still some common-scene safety tips to be respected.

  • First dates in public venues only.
  • No parks, hikes and romantic picnics in the middle of nowhere for at least 3 or 4 dates with a new match.
  • Think of how are you getting home after the date.
  • Keep your home address and other personal data private.
  • Remember of catfishing and never give any money to your online matches.

Mind these simple rules, download an app and get started in mobile dating. The right time is, well, now!