5 places to go for a date in London

September 25th, 2018

If you are lucky enough to be going on a date that you have found online or meeting someone in town, here are five ideas for places to go for a date in London;

1.  Markets – there are a variety of cool markets in London – why not walk around Borough Market and sample some delicious food together?  Or walk around Portobello Road Market and check out some vintage wares together?  There can be lots of talking points to be found in a market.

2.  South Bank – if it’s a nice day, then a walk down the South Bank can be very romantic without going over the top.  There are lots of things to see and do, including coffee shops or the London Eye, the South Bank is a gret venue if you want to see where a date will take you and do something spontaneous.

3.  London Aquarium – one of the hidden gems of London is the London aquarium.  Hidden just off the Thames, there are shark tanks and other great wonders which can be a great talking point.

4.  Covent Garden – a great venue with lots of bars and restaurants, the indoor nature of it all makes it ideal if the weather is tempramental

5.  Tate Modern Gallery – there is not a bigger realm for the sense than the Tate Modern gallery.  This temple to modern art will stimulate debate and is even romantic in its own way.

Have a great time, we hope your date in London is a successful one!