5 places to go for a date in London

September 25th, 2018

If you are lucky enough to be going on a date that you have found online or meeting someone in town, here are five ideas for places to go for a date in London;

1.  Markets – there are a variety of cool markets in London – why not walk around Borough Market and sample some delicious food together?  Or walk around Portobello Road Market and check out some vintage wares together?  There can be lots of talking points to be found in a market.

2.  South Bank – if it’s a nice day, then a walk down the South Bank can be very romantic without going over the top.  There are lots of things to see and do, including coffee shops or the London Eye, the South Bank is a gret venue if you want to see where a date will take you and do something spontaneous.

3.  London Aquarium – one of the hidden gems of London is the London aquarium.  Hidden just off the Thames, there are shark tanks and other great wonders which can be a great talking point.

4.  Covent Garden – a great venue with lots of bars and restaurants, the indoor nature of it all makes it ideal if the weather is tempramental

5.  Tate Modern Gallery – there is not a bigger realm for the sense than the Tate Modern gallery.  This temple to modern art will stimulate debate and is even romantic in its own way.

Have a great time, we hope your date in London is a successful one!

Welcome to Dating in London

September 17th, 2018

The sprawling city of London, with a population of over 6 million people, can, rather strangely, be a lonely city.  Many people’s lives corss paths but due to busy lifestyles and pressurised jobs, we don’t always have time for the important things, like finding love in London.  Well, you’ve come to the right place to start changing that, as Dating in London will you all the best places to start dating in London.  Enjoy your time on this website and be sure to make time for yourself to have a few dates and maybe meet the partner of your dreasm.

Take a date to a London Art Gallery

September 14th, 2018

If you are looking for inspiration as to where to take your London date, an art gallery could be the answer. Art galleries are great for various reasons – there is something to talk about as you go through the exhbits and you remain active by walking through the gallery. There is less pressure to constantly chat as you look at different paintings but plenty of opportunities to have lively conversations at the same time. Read our guide to London Art Galleries and make your date in London a fun one.

An Open-Minded Glance on Cougar Dating

September 5th, 2018

Since Susan Sarandon, Madonna, J Lo and other celebrities have brought their romances with toyboys to light, age gap between partners has stopped being a problem in public opinion, and for successful mature women and young men in search of experienced ladies it has never been a problem at all.

Cougar and cubs dating is now common and much more popular than girls in their 20s can imagine.

What is a Cougar in Dating?

The term “cougar” in modern slang is generally related to a woman over 40 who prefers dating at least 7 to 10 years her juniors. It doesn’t imply any social characteristics, but we usually say “cougar dating” meaning self-made successful and confident women having younger lovers with their eyes wide open. Cougars know exactly what they want and take a dare to have it.

They are called cougars or silver lions not only for the grey hair, but also for the interest, or better say hunger for new experiences, strong bodies, and young energy. Their partners are called cubs.

Why Cougar Women Dating is Worth Trying?

The first and the obvious is the experience. Older women do know about relationship and sex a lot more than girls. It’s proven that the peak of female sexuality hits at 35 to 45 years old, but male sexual activity is showing its best at their 20s. So it’s not peers who make up perfectly compatible sex partners.

The second is the degree of drama in a relationship. Cougar and cub dating is much more relaxed and comfortable. Older women show their temper in the bedroom and the emotional aspect of dating is usually smooth. No scandals beginning from nothing, no demanding, no pressure.

Cougar/cub dating is usually short-term and both partners are aware of that, so there is always a chance for man to meet his peer or his junior and make up a family already having beautiful memories of cougar dating.

Older women are rarely interested in marriage and having children. By chance, they already have grown-up children of their own. So guys not planning big families and sleepless nights with babies crying at their ears should definitely try dating a cougar.

And mind talking to a wise, calm, well-rounded partner and having a lot of interesting social activities beyond sex!

Finally, older women are not expecting much of their partners. They don’t judge boys by success, career, money or other things of that kind that are major for younger girls. Most of the cougars have already attained their success themselves and now appreciate comfort and positive feelings better than social labels.

How Do Women Benefit from Cougar Dating?

Well, good sex is on the first place of course. Mature men are mostly taken, unwilling or unable to satisfy sexual needs of women within their age range. Young lovers address the issue.

Then, cubes make women feel and look younger, and provide them with a different experience and energy for fun activities.

And finally, relationships of that kind help women think outside the box and see possibilities and objectives other than staying alone and putting their desires away just because of the age and absence of a same-age partner. Admiration of a young man is flattering and inspiring.

Cougar Dating Tips

If you’re up for dating a cougar, mind that:

  • There’s no time to waste

It’s either a yes or a no. Mature women are specific in their desires and have already had enough of games. Cut off long talk and hesitation. You two have far more exciting things to do!

  • She can make the first move and it’s fine

In addition to the above, a cougar kissing you first and taking you straight into the bedroom doesn’t make you less of a man. She’s just more determined to live a life instead of playing dating games.

  • She’s less committed

Most of young men are afraid of the strings and of too much commitment. But when it comes to cougar dating, they see a woman who is not pushing them for plans together or even love confessions and start feeling uncomfortable. No, it’s not that she doesn’t appreciate you, she just accepts reality as it is. She’s stated all she has to offer and expects to have a good time, not drama.

Meeting Older Women in London

Don’t let the word cougar mislead you. Successful mature women don’t go hunting at London bars and clubs every night; they use sites and apps just like everyone else! So if you want this new experience in your life, you need to know where to meet an older woman in the first place. And this is where we can help you!

We’ve looked through Britain’s best online cougar dating services and to give you a choice of surefire successful options.

Stay with us to discover:

  • top apps for quick local cougar dating
  • elite cougar dating sites and apps
  • advice on how to meet and how to impress a mature woman